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An award winning equestrian trainer, based near Aberystwyth, Wales.

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Horse Training

At Brynglas Equine we use Intelligent Horsemanship techniques to resolve behavioural, training and handling issues by building a trusting relationship with your horse and using achievable, incremental goals to overcome the problem.


equine courses and clinics

Ridden Coaching

Ideal for riders with confidence issues, ridden coaching is available for all levels from novice to experienced competition riders, and our techniques are designed to help you understand how you ride bio-mechanically and how this influences the horse.


equine assisted therapy

Equine Therapy

We offer both Equine assisted therapy and Equine Shiatsu, which is a non-invasive therapy that works to stimulate the body’s natural healing ability. Our tailored sessions include one to one individual sessions, half-day and full-day workshops and more.


Brynglas Equine

Ann-Marie Marek is an Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer and an accredited Level 1 Ride with your Mind coach with Mary Wanless.

Since 2006 Ann-Marie has been an Approved Advisor for Solution Saddles – an innovative, fully flexible, SMART™ saddle range which comprises of discipline specific and multi-discipline saddle models. Ann-Marie is also a qualified Equine Shiatsu practitioner

In 2008 Ann-Marie became a member of the tour team for both Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks. Ann-Marie has also supported Monty Roberts in his work with armed forces veterans and has taught on the Intelligent Horsemanship Courses

Brynglas Equine was awarded the Best Horse Training Service Provider 2017 in the Welsh Enterprise Awards 2017.

Brynglas Equine has pledged to support the those who serve by signing the Armed Forces Covenant.

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