Equine Assisted Therapy

equine assisted therapy

Horses have the ability to mirror human emotions and behaviour, if we are calm they are calm. They are living very much in the present moment and react to what and who may be around them in that instant. They are non-judgemental and can be a safe and comfortable companion for individuals with mental health issues including PTSD and development disorders such as Autism and ADHD.

Horses use body language to communicate and interact with each other. Equine Therapy looks at how we interact with the horse and starts to address issues of confidence, self-esteem, breathing, emotional state and awareness of self. Using horses in this therapeutic way can facilitate significant positive changes in individuals in a very short space of time and the benefits of this work can then be taken by those individuals into their daily lives.

From our base in West Wales we can offer equine therapy sessions to individuals and groups in an outdoor setting. Sessions are tailored around the needs of the individuals and we have worked extensively private individuals, local and national charities, and the Armed Forces.

Programmes include one to one individual sessions, half-day and full-day workshops plus a tailored course of sessions for individuals or groups.

Ann-Marie is also an instructor for Warrior Equine, a CIC which works with both veterans and serving armed forces personnel – to find out more please go to www.warriorequine.co.uk.

For further information on the available programmes please contact us.

“I wanted Ann-Marie to watch how I was carrying out various leading exercises and give me feedback on how I might improve; this she did in a positive and supportive way. Ann-Marie clarified things for me and help me to see ways of improving my techniques”

– Carmel, Powys