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About Ann-Marie

Ann-Marie started riding at the age of 6 and was lucky enough to have her first pony, a very cheeky Welsh Mountain pony called Woodstock at the age of 8. The competition bug was established early and a show jumping career took hold at the age of 10 with Ann-Marie competing at a national level.

In 2003 the purchase of a 5 year old “problem” mare, Shelley, led to the discovery of Intelligent Horsemanship, Kelly Marks, Monty Roberts and a radically different way of working with horses. Shelley has been and continues to be the biggest influence on Ann-Marie’s approach to riding and training horses. Ann-Marie become an Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainer in 2009 and part of the UK Tour team for both Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks for over 10 years.

Through Intelligent Horsemanship Ann-Marie found Mary Wanless and the Ride with your Mind biomechanics approach to teaching riding. The Ride with your Mind training has completely changed the way Ann-Marie rides and teaches clients and is constantly amazed at the progress riders can make when they really understand how their bodies are influencing the horse.

In 2014 the most amazing opportunity arose to work alongside Monty Roberts with injured Armed Forces personnel and Ann-Marie is now part of the small team working with both retired and serving armed forces personnel via Warrior Equine CIC. Having injured service personnel work with horses can be a significantly influential element in their recovery. To be part of this process is undoubtedly a privilege and to see the impact the horses can have on these individuals is truly amazing.

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“I wanted Ann-Marie to watch how I was carrying out various leading exercises and give me feedback on how I might improve; this she did in a positive and supportive way. Ann-Marie clarified things for me and help me to see ways of improving my techniques”

– Carmel, Powys